26 June 2006

Sunday 6/25: Kensington and Midwood

Distance: 11.39 miles
Time: 1:40
Pace: 8:47
Temp: 72
Weather: Overcast & very humid

Click on image for interactive Google Map

Start at Carroll and 8th Ave/SW on 8th Ave to 6th St/SE on 6th St to Prospect Park West/SW on Prospect Park West to Prospect Park SW/Prospect Park SW to Park Circle/W on Ocean Pkwy to Sherman/N on Sherman to Reeve/W on Reeve to Prospect Ave/S on Prospect Ave to pedestrian bridge/over pedestrian bridge to E 5th/N on E 5th to Vanderbilt/W on Vanderbilt to 19th/N on 19th to 8th Ave/SW on 8th Ave to 20th St/SE on 20th St to McDonald Ave/S on McDonald Ave to Avenue O/E on Avenue O to Ocean Pkwy/N on Ocean Pkwy to Church/E on Church to Coney Island Ave/N on Coney Island Ave to Park Circle to Prospect Park SW/NW on Prospect Park SW to Prospect Park West/NE on Prospect Park West to 6th St/NW on 6th to 8th Ave/NE on 8th Ave to 3rd St. End at 8th and 3rd.


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