07 July 2006

And on to Canarsie...

Friday 7/7: Brownsville & Canarsie

Distance: 8.17 miles
Time: 1:05
Pace: 7:57
Temp: 70
Dewpoint: 54
Weather: sunny, dry, and breezy

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I started at the intersection of Junius and Livonia in Brownsville, right under the subway platform. I headed south on Junius to New Lots, then east to Sheffield, south to Hegeman, west to Williams, south to Flatlands Ave, west to 100th St, south to Seaview and over to Rockaway Parkway. Then I headed down toward the water, under the Belt Parkway and around the traffic circle before making a lap around Canarsie Pier. After that I doubled back up the other side of Rockaway Parkway before heading west on Seaview Ave to 93rd, which turned into 92nd after a couple of blocks. I continued on 92nd up to Ditmas, then over to Rockaway Parkway again before making a right on Lenox, a left on 98th, before heading east again on Livonia to Watkins.

Notes: The meteorological promise hinted at yesterday morning was fulfilled today, with dry air, a cool northwest breeze, and a bright blue sky. Given the conditions, I figured the time was ripe to head down toward the water for the first time, and after drowsily staring at the map for a few moments I decided to take the 3 train out to Brownsville and then head down to Canarsie Pier. The run itself was one of the most diverse in terms of what I saw -- a little of everything. The usual small businesses (tire places, beauty salons, bodegas, restaurants) along the busier streets, as well as churches, strip malls, old guys fishing off the pier and some very pleasant residential streets lined with well-kept single family homes. Up near Livonia street the neighborhood was rougher around the edges, with a good number of empty lots and boarded up houses, and there was some light industry around Ditmas Ave. But there was also clearly quite a bit of new development, mostly one- or two-family attached houses with neat little yards out front. Almost every time I turned a corner there was something new to see (most unexpected sight: an old car in a weed-strewn yard just off the sidewalk). That in of itself would've made a great run, but when you factor in the near-perfect weather and the fact that my leg is slowly feeling better, it was probably the best run yet. Some pictures:

Entrance to Canarsie Pier

In a yard on Canarsie Road

Doors on 92nd Street

Scrap metal place on Ditmas Ave.


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