26 July 2006

Boats, Alleys, and a Memorial

Wednesday 7/26:
Sheepshead Bay

Distance: 7.45 miles
Time: 1:00
Pace: 8:03
Temp: 76
Dewpoint: 68
Weather: muggy and hazy

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Unique Miles Today:
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: I started by taking the Q to the Sheepshead Bay stop, then running toward the bay. The route is pretty complicated (if you're really interested, you can check the map above), but basically I ran all the little streets between Voorhies and the water, from 16th Street to Nostrand. I also did a little loop around into Manhattan Beach and ran the pedestrian bridge back to Shore Parkway.

Notes: Though today's run more logistically complex than usual, it was particularly good in terms of things to see. There were some very nice older houses, a few handsome apartment buildings, the party boats docked along the bay, and a varitey of businesses, from bait shops to chain restaurants. One surprise, of sorts, was stumbling onto two pedestrian alleys with houses along them (Canda and Hitchings Avenues, which are essentially just sidewalks). A house on Canda Avenue had a for sale sign in front, so when I got home I checked it out -- it can by yours for $459,000, and it's only a block from the water. Also of note was the Holocaust Memorial in the little park between the edge of the bay and Shore Boulevard, which consists of a central monument surrounded by smaller granite ones, each inscribed with information about a specific individual or place.

Today's photo parade:

Bait shop on Emmons Avenue

Holocaust Memorial

Anchors on one of the party boats

Odd juxtaposition of the day (on Voorhies Avenue)


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Shawn said...

I should have mentioned this earlier, and this might not work if you only run really early in the morning, but if you're ever at Avenue J around 14th Street in Midwood, eat at DiFara's Pizza. It's like a block from the Q stop at Ave. J also, if that's easier. Best pizza in the world. I've checked. You won't be disappointed.


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