10 July 2006

Huzzah (Monday is Off Day)

Yep, I'm taking Monday off again, as is my habit. I supposed I've earned a little down time, too -- last week I ran over 40 miles, which is pretty good considering I'm not actively training for a race or anything. The truth is that I've been pretty excited about this whole thing, and I've got to be careful not to overdo it. Next week I'm driving down to Augusta, Georgia for a few days to visit family, and I haven't decided whether I'll run while I'm down there. I might want to save up my strength for Brooklyn and crank up the miles when I get back. BTW, I saw a lot of Italian flags while I was out yesterday, so congratulations to the Italian team (and its fans) for its World Cup victory.

And continuing what looks like it might be shaping up to be a regular feature of my off day posts, here's another photo from yesterday's run. This one's a view of the construction on the Gowanus Expressway from underneath, on 3rd Avenue.


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