08 July 2006

Some Much-Needed Rest

As usual, I'm taking Saturday off. And it's probably not a bad idea, since I've had a pretty good week (over 29 miles between Tuesday and Friday) and want to rest up for a longer run tomorrow. Moreover, the leg that I messed up last weekend while stretching is slowly feeling better, and after a day off it ought to be as good as new (or so I hope).

I've also made a few improvements to the blog, in response to a number of suggestions and questions I've received. First of all, there's a "frequently asked questions" section (the link's to the right), as well as a permanent link to the Daily News article from last week (underneath the FAQ link). Also, I've spent a few hours with some maps and the records of my runs thus far, and have calculated the total number of miles I've run, the number of unique miles (in other words, the miles I've run for the first time, without overlap), and the total time. I'll be including these numbers on each post from here on out, but to bring things up to speed, here are the totals since I started on June 25:

Total Miles: 76.66
Unique Miles: 69.14
% Complete: 3.97 (Based on the more conservative 1742 mile total)

Total Time: 10:45
Total Runs: 10
Ave. Miles/Run: 7.67
Ave. Time/Run: 1:04:30
Ave. Pace: 8:25/mile

And because I've thus far taken more photos than I can include on the individual posts, here's an extra one from yesterday's journey down to Canarsie Pier:


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Grel said...

Excellent additions to your blog.


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