30 July 2006

Special "The Only Thing Worse Than Moving is Moving When It's Like 90 Degrees and the New Apartment is a Fifth-Floor Walkup (Without Air Conditioning)" Edition

OK, so I'm not running today. And I probably won't be running tomorrow. The move went smoothly, as far as these things go, largely thanks to the help of my brother Jeff, who provided both his strong cop's shoulders and his SUV (I knew it had to be good for something) to shuttle our stuff over to the new place. But the combination of climbing stairs and heat and advancing age have all left me feeling like I've been hit by a bus or something, so I'm taking a day or two off. I had written previously about "resetting" my running schedule, but I think I was overly optimistic about how I'd feel after moving day. If there was ever a time to learn to be a little more flexible about getting my miles in, this is probably it.

So... I'll try to start back on my regular schedule on Tuesday. Of course, the forecast calls for highs in the upper 90s Tuesday and Wednesday (and lows in the low 80s!), but I'll be out there just the same. Sometimes I can't help myself.

Here's a picture from one of last week's run to enjoy while I'm recuperating.

Sheepshead Bay


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