06 July 2006

Wave Fences and Jimmibeetles

Thursday 7/6: Gravesend & Sheepshead Bay

Distance: 7.97 miles
Time: 1:05
Pace: 8:09
Temp: 68
Dewpoint: 58
Weather: overcast

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I started at Avenue X and McDonald Ave, then down 2nd St to Avenue Z, east to Coyle, then around the park and water pollution plant on Coyle, Voorhies, Knapp, and Avenue Y, then back north on Coyle and Bragg to Avenue W. Then west to 16th St, back down to Avenue Y and west on Y to 2nd and up to Avenue X, before heading east to 15th and then north to Avenue V. Last, I took Avenue V west to where it merges with Gravesend Neck Road, taking that back across McDonald to Van Sicklen, which I took south to Avenue W before ending at the corner of McDonald Ave.

Notes: It was raining when I woke up this morning, but since the forecast called for it to stop by mid-morning I took the F train down to Avenue X (sounds so mysterious!) and started running. By that time the rain had stopped as predicted, and the northwest breeze was bringing noticeably drier air that I'm sure most of us are welcoming after a couple of days of rain and stifling humidity. Anyways, the run included a nice mix of residential streets (with lots of larger apartment buildings) and small businesses. Still, the sight that struck me most was the fencing around the sewage treatment facility (officially the Coney Island Water Pollution Control Plant) over by Shell Bank Creek -- along part of Knapp the fence curled over above the sidewalk like a breaker, while down the street and around the corner the top was scalloped in an abstract representation of individual waves (see the picture below). It was a degree of design whimsy I suppose I'm not used to seeing on big municipal structures, and while it might not seem like a big deal I thought it was really cool. A post-run Google search indicates that the fencing was designed by artist Ned Smyth (more from the NY Department of Cultural Affairs website). Here are a few photos from today's run:

Mural on Avenue Y

Wave fence outside the sewage treatment plant on Knapp Street

Festive icon on Avenue X

On Coney Island Avenue


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