08 August 2006

Back to the Bay

Tuesday 8/8: Sheepshead Bay

Distance: 9.30 miles
Time: 1:15
Pace: 8:04
Temp: 74
Dewpoint: 66
Weather: sunny & breezy

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Unique Miles Today: 7.61
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: I started at Sheepshead Bay Road and 16th Street, headed north on 16th to Avenue Y, east to 29th Street, south to Voorhies... and then a whole lot of back-and-forth to cover all the little streets and alleys between Voorhies and Emmons, from Nostrand to Knapp, as well as Harkness and the extension of Emmons to the east of Knapp. After finishing this up, I went north on Nostrand to Avenue X, west to 23rd, south to Jerome, and took Jerome back to the subway station.

Notes: Now that I'm based up in Greenpoint, I've been thinking I should probably cover the far southern reaches of the borough now, so I won't have to make as many long subway journeys in the winter. So today I revisited Sheepshead Bay, systematically covering a number of small streets and residential alleys within a block north and south of the Belt Parkway. The weather this morning -- a dry, northwest breeze and bright sunshine -- was great, though the run itself didn't offer much to write home about. It was mostly a residential area, with some very pleasant, tree-lined streets (though close to the highway, of course), and a good number of new hotels and apartment buildings going up along or near Emmons. Like the last time I visited the area, my favorite part was probably running down the narrow little pedestrian alleys lined with cottages, though the water views of the bay and Shell Bank Creek weren't too bad, either. A fine run, to be sure, and a pleasant neighborhood, but keeping track of my route (lots of backtracking, overlapping, and dead-end streets) was kind of a drag, and photo-wise, there wasn't a whole lot to catch the eye. In any case, here's what I've come up with today:

Park off of Avenue X

At a restaurant off Harkness by Shell Bank Creek

Windowbox on Batchelder

At the very end of Emmons Avenue


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

Hay, you ran past my Mother-in-laws house on E 29St, between Z and Vorhees.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Gary said...

If I'd known, I would've waved...


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