04 August 2006

From Queens to Stuyvesant Heights

Friday 8/04: Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Williamsburg, Greenpoint

Distance: 7.02 miles
Time: 0:55
Pace: 7:50
Temp: 80
Dewpoint: 70
Weather: warm & humid

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Unique Miles Today: 6.63
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: I started at the Halsey Street subway station and headed south on Wycoff to Covert (it wasn't that hard to find), west to Irving, south to Moffat, west to Central, down to the cemetery and back up to Chauncey. Then west to Evergreen, south to Pilling, over to Broadway, up Broadway to MacDonough, and west to Marcy. I finished by heading up Marcy, which turned into Union, then running east on Driggs to Newell, north to Nassau and west one block to McGuiness.

Notes: A fantastic run. After yesterday's accidental foray into Queens I wanted to head back to start things off in the same neighborhood, and I even managed to cover another block of Ridgewood when part of Eldert Street ended up being a dead end. Anyway, despite all the promises of a "break in the heat" from the local media, it was almost as warm and humid as it was the last few mornings, but the route more than made up for the steamy air. The part of Bushwick where I started today was mostly industrial, with quite a few trucks and forklifts moving around, and as I moved into a more residential area it was clear the neighborhood was a little rough around the edges. But MacDonough Street in Bed-Stuy is one of the most beautiful streets I've run so far -- block after block of well-kept houses and brownstones, impressive churches, a mansion or two, and big, leafy trees. I had to resist the constant urge to stop every few yards to take pictures of the houses. Marcy Avenue, too, had some impressive architecture, with the highlight being the Boys High School between Putnam and Madison.

Having made it through the "heat wave" (and the attendant media hype), recovered from the move, and returned to my normal running schedule, I'm taking tomorrow off and planning a long (11-13 mile) run for Sunday.

As always, some pictures from today's run:

Looking down Pilling Street

Houses on MacDonough

Corner of MacDonough and Marcus Garvey Blvd

Boys High School on Marcy Avenue


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