05 August 2006

Saturday "Glad this Week is Over" Edition

I'm taking today off, and for once I'm not second-guessing my decision or secretly fearing that I'm slacking off. I didn't run a whole lot this past week, but I managed four consecutive runs totaling three hours and covering over 20 miles. And this following a completely draining, drawn-out four-day move to the new apartment and what will probably end up being the hottest week of the summer. I say none of this to complain -- instead, I'm feeling kind of energized. If I could keep on track this past week, in other words, the rest of this whole thing should be cake. The real challenge, I'm thinking, might be to resist the temptation to run 50 miles a week when autumn arrives.

Anyway, I'm planning on a long run tomorrow, though I'm still trying to figure out the route. The weather forecast is looking good (at least relative to the last week), and I'm pretty eager to take advantage. See you on the road.

I took the photo at the top this morning (from my front window), but here are two extra shots from the past week's runs:

Menahan and Knickerbocker, Bushwick

Kosciusko Street, Bed-Stuy


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