16 August 2006

Systematic Practicality/Practical Systematicism

Wednesday, 8/16: Gravesend & Bath Beach

9.33 miles
Time: 1:15
Pace: 8:02
Temp: 71
Dewpoint: 58
Weather: sunny

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Unique Miles Today: 7.94
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: I started at McDonald and 86th, headed west on 86th to Bay 32nd Street, then up and down Bay 32nd, 23rd Ave, Bay 34th, Bay 35th, and 24th Avenue between 86th and Cropsey. Then I headed down to Shore Road, went west to the dead end and then east to Bay 50th, and then headed back west, doing the back and forth between Shore Road and Harway to fill in all the streets back to Bay 37th. Then I ran back east on Harway to Stillwell, up to Avenue X, east to W. 8th Street, north back to 86th, east to 7th (which then turns into Boynton) and then back to Avenue x, before heading south on Shell to Avenue Y.

Notes: Today's run was another in what's becoming a regular, weekly series of very calculated attempts to fill in small but complete swaths of neighborhoods by pursuing routes that are very systematic and ordered. I know they've got to be done -- and as I move forward, they will, by necessity, comprise an increasingly larger portion of my overall mileage -- but the truth is that these runs are kind of boring. Not because I didn't like the neighborhood (it was fine), or that there was nothing to see (there was plenty), but simply because of the inherent tedium involved in going up one street for a few blocks and then down another, over and over and over. Not only that, but it's a real pain to figure out the unique miles. Not hard, of course, but tedious -- these back-and-forth routes inevitably require me to run some of the same stretches more than once, and I've got to separate those out when I'm calculating the mileage.

Yeah, I know. It was a beautiful morning and I'm healthy and I don't even have a job (I'm living off a small fellowship this summer while I work on my research and writing), so I probably shouldn't be complaining too loudly. Maybe it'd be wisest to just quit here, and offer up today's photos:

Amusement ride rental place on 86th Street

At the dead end of Shore Road

Cropsey Avenue

Pedestrian bridge over the Belt Parkway, near 27th Ave

Shell Road


At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Don said...

This is how you cut back on the miles?

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Gary said...

But I only ran 9!


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