03 September 2006

After the Storm

Sunday 9/3: Gravesend & Midwood

12.57 miles
Time: 1:35
Pace: 7:33
Temp: 66
Dewpoint: 64
Weather: partly cloudy & humid

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Unique Miles Today: 11.16
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: This is a complicated one, so here goes. BTW, these detailed routes are just an attempt to keep a pretty accurate record of where I've been. I hope no one actually reads these. I started at McDonald & Kings Highway, then south to Avenue S (with a little loop including Billings and Colin Places), west to Stillwell, south to Avenue W, east to 11th, north to Avenue V, west to 13th, north to Avenue P, east to 12th, north to Bay Parkway, over a block to 11th, south back to Avenue P, west back to 12th, south to Avenue V, east to 11th, north back to Avenue P, east a block to 10th, south to 86th and then to Avenue V, east just a bit to 9th, north to Avenue P, east to 8th, and south to Avenue W (along the way I also ran Lake Place as three one-block out-and-backs off of the numbered streets). Then (deep breath): east on Avenue W to 5th, double back to 6th, north to Wolf Place, east to Van Sicklen, double back to 5th, north to Avenue V, west to 7th, north to Lake Place (including the two little dead ends by the subway tracks), back east to 5th, south to Avenue V, east to Van Sicklen, north to Lake, west to 5th again, north to Avenue U, double back to Lama, east on Lama to Van Sicklen, north to Avenue T, west to 3rd, north to Applegate, west to 4th, double back to 3rd and continue north to Avenue S, east to Van Sicklen, south to Avenue T, east to Lake Street, north to Kings Highway, continue north on Dahill to 65th, east to 2nd, and north to the dead end at the park, then back to Avenue M, over a block to 3rd, and north until it, too, dead ends at the park. Then I walked the couple of blocks and caught the F train home.

Notes: Twelve hours earlier this run wouldn't have seemed possible, as the remnants of Ernesto were bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to the area. But this morning, when I woke up around 5:30, the wind had died down to a breeze and the precipitation had moved on to New England. So although it was still damp, gloomy, and quite humid, I figured it was time for a little bit longer of a run. Continuing my systematic routes, I headed back to Gravesend for a geographically intensive excursion which actually filled in a lot of gaps on my "big map" (and resulted in the almost ludicrously complex route, which, when you look at it on a map, really isn't as bad as it seems). And a fine run it was, too, as the sun actually forced its way through the clouds (for the first time in what, a week?) and dried things out.

Actually, it looks like the Gravesend area had some serious wind from the storm (or at least more than it felt like we had up here in Greenpoint), as there were a lot of leaves and small branches on the streets and sidewalks. And on 8th Street, there was a whole tree down, blocking the road and crushing a vehicle. Dutifully, I snapped a picture, and while I feel for the folks whose car caught the brunt of it, this was really nothing compared to the damage back in Iowa City when we got that tornado this past April.

Anyway, once again the route was mostly residential, so there were fewer overtly appealing photographic subjects, though I did my best. Some of the homes were actually very attractive (especially a row on 9th Street), and up around Avenue P was just block after block of very cool-looking art deco style 6-floor apartment buildings. Regardless, I'm taking tomorrow off, and then Tuesday I begin pressing on toward the 25% mark, which I figure might come during my longer run on September 17, a mere two weeks from today. I'm really looking forward to that week off.

In a schoolyard on 13th Street

Houses on 9th Street

11th Street

What a great name for a laundromat! (Avenue S)

Avenue P

(Presumed) storm damage on 8th Street


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous ringrunner said...

Hi Gary

As a life time Brooklyn resident I must point something out to you.

When talking abut Streets, remember there is 8th Street, East 8th Street and West 8th Street. They are in 3 different places.

Keep up the good work, don't get lost!

At 8:08 PM, Anonymous T. A. said...

Just wanted to say I've been following your blog since the Daily News article and I really enjoy it. I like the non-running entries just as much as the running ones, and the pictures are great. I get a thrill when I see you writing about running in my neighborhood (Midwood). If I ever spot you, I will wave like a freak. Don't be frightened.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Gary said...


Yeah, the streets can get awfully confusing. As for the numbered streets, sometimes I remember to supply the "E" or the "W," but sometimes I don't. Usually, though, you can tell which it is from the context or what neighborhood it is. But what really gets me is when named streets appear in two completely different places, like Meserole Ave in Greenpoint and Meserole Street in East Williamsburg. I've really got to pay attention sometimes...

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Gary said...

and t.a.,
I'll be doing more of midwood over the next few months. Since I'm up in Greenpoint I've been trying to cover the farthest reaches first (Marine Park, Canarsie, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, etc), so that the remaining neighborhoods will be closer (not so bad in the winter).

But if you do see me, make sure you say "hi" -- it's happened a couple of times already...


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