13 September 2006

Again with the Canarsie?

Wednesday 9/13: Canarsie

8.46 miles
Time: 1:05
Pace: 7:41
Temp: 62
Dewpoint: 48
Weather: overcast

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Unique Miles Today: 6.76
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: Today I started at Glenwood and E. 99th, went south to Conklin, east to E. 100th, south to Flatlands, west to E. 96th, south to Avenue J, east to Rockaway Parkway, south to Avenue K, west a block to E. 96th then doubling back east to E. 108th (with an out-and-back down to Avenue L on E. 104th), south to Flatlands 3rd, west to E. 105th, south to Flatlands 4th, east back to E. 108th, south to Avenue L, west to E. 105th, south to Flatlands 5th and east to E. 108th, south to Flatlands 6th then back to E. 105th again, south to Avenue N, west to Rockaway Parkway, south to Seaview, west to E. 96th, north up to Avenue N, west to E. 95th, south back to Seaview, west to Canarsie road (and then an out-and-back on that length of Canarsie) before heading north on E. 94th to Avenue N, east to E. 95th then doubling back west to E. 92nd then doubling back to E. 94th again, after which I headed north to Rost, did a loop around that little Rost/Kauffman block and continued north to Avenue M, east to E. 95th, south back to Avenue N then doubling back north up to Flatlands Avenue, then west to E. 94th, south to Avenue M, west to E. 93rd, north back to Flatlands, east to E. 94th, and then north to

Notes: Another beautiful morning, but I went back to Canarsie today. As mentioned before in these posts I'm kind of fond of this neighborhood for a lot of reasons, but when going over the route this morning I realized another one -- it's geographically self-contained and not terribly large, meaning that it's the kind of place where I feel like I'm making real, tangible progress, especially when I get home and color in all the streets on the "big map" with my orange highlighter. Speaking of, actually, I've been toying with the idea of buying a truly big map. You know, one of those huge, laminated things that are on the walls at the offices of limo services or restaurants that do a lot of deliveries. I could then hang it on the wall (where seeing my progress could have a more salutary psychological impact), and mark off each route with a sharpie or something. My "big map" now, though I'm quite fond of it and it has served me well thus far, is a standard $4.95 Hagstrom fold-out map of Brooklyn, and even now, as I'm inching toward completing a quarter of my planned runs, it's starting to distintegrate along the folds and I find myself handling it as if I was in the rare books room of the library and it was some incredibly fragile historical relic.

But that's merely one of the myriad running- and blogging-related items I'll take up on my much-vaunted week off next week. As for today, if I ignore the constantly-increasing pain in my heels and achilles tendons, the run was fine, if typically uneventful. I know I shouldn't be complaining or anything, but it'd be pretty cool to see something out of the ordinary once in a while -- a police chase, a demonstration, a sinkhole in the road, an escaped zoo animal, whatever. Then again, I've still got well over 1300 miles to go, so I suppose there's plenty of time.

A sampling from today's modest crop of photos:

E. 94th Street

Avenue J

Rockaway Parkway

Telephone pole on E. 94th


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous jen said...

Oh, the large wall map is a great idea! I think I will see if I can track one down myself.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger carrie g. said...

hey there! i'm a friend of roger's from iowa city and he told me to check out your site. as a lover of running, photos, and urban space, i'm on board! i look forward to following your progress.

At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Bridget said...

Hi Gary! I am a friend of Carrie who is a friend of Roger's. I think your blog spot is fascinating and I totally love your photos, recaps, and goals. I hope you don't mind if I drop in every now and then.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Gary said...

Carrie and Bridget,
Thanks -- I appreciate the kind words. And, if both of you check in regularly I'd be doubling my readership, I think, so feel free to stop by any time...


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