16 September 2006

Gameday Thoughts from an Expat Hawkeye

Today, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes take on their intrastate rivals, the Iowa State Cyclones, at historic (but recently "renovated") Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. As I write this, thousands of folks are taking their seats, thousands more are getting in a last few minutes of tailgating, and dozens of my former students are probably stumbling toward the stadium in a drunken stupor (click here for a live view via the stadium webcam). Although it's only been a couple of months since I left Iowa for the big city, I'm finding that I really miss college town life sometimes, especially on game days. Despite the crowds, the rowdiness, the handful of alcohol-fueled troublemakers, and the city-wide lack of parking, there's also a certain energy in the air that I haven't seen replicated outside of places like Iowa City. For better or worse, most of the town (except for a few sour academics who for cultural or political reasons look askance at big-time collegiate sports) comes together in support of their team -- the radio broadcasts of the games, for instance, are played at the local supermarkets and stores -- and there's a palpable sense of black-and-gold solidarity.

Sure, there are a lot of advantages to living in Brooklyn, not the least of which is the incredible diversity of people, languages, and cultures. And I do appreciate that. But every once in a while it's heartening to see an entire city come together, especially for something as frivolous and entertaining as college football.

Anyway, I'll be running tomorrow. Probably not a real long run, but long enough to hit 25% and earn my little break.

Bonus picture from last week:

Somewhere in Sheepshead Bay


At 12:54 PM, Blogger carrie g. said...

ah, i couldn't have said it better. game day in iowa city is magical - drunkenness and all.

ps. iowa state's up right now 7-3.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger carrie g. said...

pps. iowa just scored! 17-all.

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Gary said...

and iowa wins, 27-17 to head into conference play with a 3-0 record!


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