12 September 2006

Nice House

Tuesday 9/12: Sheepshead Bay

9.51 miles
Time: 1:10
Pace: 7:22
Temp: 58
Dewpoint: 38
Weather: mostly sunny

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Unique Miles Today: 8.31
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: I started at McDonald and Avenue X, and headed north to Avenue W, west to Lake, south to 86th, west to Van Sicklen, north back to Avenue W, east a block back to Lake but then north up to Village Road South, west to Van Sicklen then doubling back to the dead-end Village Court, continuing east to E. 1st then north on Village Road East, east just a bit on Gravesend Neck Road then north on West, north up to Avenue T, west to Lake, south to Avenue U, east to McDonald, north to Sloan, east to West, south to Whitney, west back to McDonald, north to Avenue S, east to E. 1st, south to the dead end and then doubling back all the way back to Avenue S and east to E. 2nd. But wait, there's more: I took E. 2nd south to Avenue Z then up a half-block to Brighton Court, took that east to E. 6th, north to Manhattan Court and back west to East 2nd, then up to Avenue Y, east to E. 3rd, north to Parkway Court, east to Hubbard, north to Ocean Court, west back to E. 3rd, south back to Parkway then doubling back and heading north all the way to Avenue P, east to E. 4th, south to Avenue X, doubling back to Angela then heading east to E. 5th, north back to Avenue P, east to Ocean Parkway, and then south to King's Highway. Notice how complicated these things are getting lately?

Notes: On an absolutely beautiful morning (and one that was nearly perfect for running), I took the F down to Sheepshead Bay yet one more time to fill in some gaps down there. Today I explored some of the northern reaches, though, especially the Homecrest section of the neighborhood. The homes on the numbered streets east of McDonald in this area are sizeable, and most are lavish and often ostentatious in much the same way as some of the fancy houses I ran by on Sunday's run in Dyker Heights were. Without really trying, it seems that in the last week I've made my way through some of the more upscale neighborhoods in the southern parts of the borough (Mill Basin, Dyker Heights, Homecrest), but the thing that strikes me the most is the very different ways that people with a bit of money present these homes to public view. In Park Slope or Fort Greene, for instance, the "nicest home on the block" might be a brownstone impeccably restored to period detail; in Homecrest or Dyker Heights the same real estate-based status might derive from the number of red granite columns on the front of the house or the extensiveness of the landscaping. Either way, it's more of an academic thing for me -- I've never owned a home, and with the prices being what they are here, it's doubtful I will any time soon. But from what I've seen, thinking about real estate while engaged in other activities like running is certainly not unusual among my fellow New Yorkers, so maybe I'm acclimating to my new home just a bit.

Whatever. A handful of photos:

Memorial on a support for the elevated F tracks (McDonald Avenue)

Also on McDonald Avenue

Just off of E. 4th Street

E. 2nd Street

E. 3rd Street


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Feminist Runner said...

In my neighborhood I love when money goes bad in terms of real estate. Like someone buys a gorgeous farmhouse and stuccos it. Or gets a huge Victorian and bricks over it. As an art historian, it makes my toes curl. As a norma person, it makes me giggle.

I oftentimes find that running is the single best time to contemplate my inability to afford real estate in Brooklyn. And think of who my neighbors would be if I could.

At 6:15 PM, Anonymous stephanie said...

Hey Gary --

I'm checking in on your progress from my new home in Cambridge. Glad to see you're still running and apparently making progress. Do you have an overall map? Can we see or do you want to save it for the end?

Oh, also, is there an RSS feed for your site? I can't seem to find it and I'd love to add it to my reading list. Your pictures are always so great, and will keep me in touch with Brooklyn in my absence.

Stephanie (formerly of Greenpoint)

PS I thought about trying to copy/pay homage to you and see if I can't run all of Boston in my five years here, but I think the confusing street system has gotten the best of me, though I'm still expoting my routes to GPX as though one day I'll map it all...

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous humbled said...

"But from what I've seen, thinking about real estate while engaged in other activities like running is certainly not unusual among my fellow New Yorkers..."

Hah! Very funny, and very true. Or at least, that's been my outsider's observation. In some neighborhoods, it seems as though you can't turn around without bumping into a Realtor, or admire someone's dog without the conversation turning to square footage and number of bedrooms and price range.

(Here in Detroit, real estate conversations are generally about how terrifyingly long it's taking houses to sell...)

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Gary said...

FR, Running in different neighborhoods certainly gives the prospective non-buyer plenty to think about!

and Humbled, I've got to say that the biggest eye-opener since I moved here is just how obsessed everyone is with real estate. In some neighborhoods (Park Slope comes to mind) it seems as if there are more real estate offices than restaurants, and from talking and reading about NYC I've become convinced that every New Yorker's deepest secret fear is that everyone else has a better apartment, and pays less for it.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Gary said...

Great to hear from you! Hope all's well up in Cambridge. I think running Boston would be a great idea -- it's small, compact, has lots to see, different neighborhoods, etc. -- but I can completely see your point about navigation. In fact, every time I've ever driven in Boston I've become hopelessly lost.

As for the overall map, I guess I could always just snap a photo of my "big map," complete with all the orange highlighter, though I don't know how well it'd come out. If I do splurge on the super-sized laminated wall map I mentioned in Wednesday's post, it might be easier still, and I could make it a semi-regular feature of the blog.

As for a feed, try:

Anyway, happy studying, and keep in touch...


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