14 September 2006

A Not Completely Unexpected (But Not Wholly Unwelcome) Off Day

It doesn't happen all that often, but the meteorlogical prognosticators at the local and national weather services got this one right. It started raining late last night, and the initial light drizzle is indeed becoming heavier and more widespread, as predicted. So, despite the fact that I am presently very eager to reach that 25% mark and enjoy my week off, I've decided to sit this one out and try again tomorrow when all the moisture should be on its way to New Hampshire or Nova Scotia or wherever it goes after it vacates New York. I need exactly 17.42 unique miles to hit my self-imposed target, which means either three moderate runs or two longer ones should still get me there by Sunday, which was what I was hoping for anyway. I'll just run on Saturday instead of taking it off. What's really weird, though, is how guilty I feel, even as I gaze at the falling rain outside my front window. I feel like I'm slacking off or something. A ludicrous and potentially harmful attitude, I know (especially since I keep pushing myself even though I'm aware that I'm dealing with some injuries that would benefit from moderation and rest), but such are the perils of the obsessive personality. At least now I have no excuse to not to get some writing done today.

Weather permitting, I'll take the D down to Bath Beach tomorrow. In the meantime, a couple of photos from the archive:




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