01 September 2006

Quentin Road, Rockin' Ray's Car, and a Rainy Forecast

Friday 9/1: Marine Park, Flatlands, Bergen Beach

9.94 miles
Time: 1:15
Pace: 7:33
Temp: 65
Dewpoint: 56
Weather: mostly cloudy

click on image for interactive map

Unique Miles Today: 9.53
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: This one began at E. 16th and Quentin. I went east on Quentin to 32nd, south to Avenue S, east to 33rd, south to Avenue U, east a block to 34th and then north to Avenue R, east another block to 35th and back down to Avenue U, over to 36th and then back up to Quentin, east to Flatbush Avenue and then south to Avenue S, east on Avenue S to E. 55th, down a block to Avenue U, over to E. 56th and up to Avenue T, backtracking just a bit to E. 55th again but then going north to Avenue M, east to E. 59th, then back to E. 58th and north to Avenue L. I then went east again to Bergen Avenue, north to Avenue K, and then back west to Troy, south to Avenue P, and then west to where Avenue P runs into Kings Highway, which I took a few more blocks, ending at E. 13th.

Notes: Like yesterday, the cooler air and breezy conditions made today feel somewhat fall-like, something I'm not particularly averse to. So to finish off the regular running week I opted for a slightly longer (about 10-mile) run today, since I knew I'd be taking tomorrow off. Yes, everything still hurts (especially my heels and hamstrings), but I can ignore aches and pains a little better when there's an off day around the corner. Furthermore, the remnants of tropical storm Ernesto are slated to dampen the weekend considerably, and while I don't much mind running in a light rain, I'll probably take Sunday off, too, if it's really coming down.

Anyway, the run today was fine. Bouncing back to the southeastern reaches of the borough, I made a big loop through mostly residential areas with an abundance of attached brick homes and shady streets. Some of the other areas, though, had a nice variety of visually stimulating businesses and buildings, with Quentin Road in Flatlands offering up an especially rich variety of photographic subjects -- like the door to the boxing club run by someone known as Rockin' Ray, as well as his car, which was parked outside (I have no idea who he is, but I'd imagine he's something of a character). All in all a perfectly fine outing, and one which brings me to just under 20 percent of Brooklyn run. Which is hard to believe, since it seems like I just began this whole thing not that long ago. At this rate, I might be close to 50 percent by year's end! Or, of course, I could be in physical therapy, learning to walk again after major surgery on my legs. Yet another reason to stay tuned and follow my exploits.

As always, a selection of today's photos, for your viewing pleasure:

Avenue P

Houses along E. 32nd Street

Colorful door to Rockin' Ray's boxing school on Quentin Road...

... and his car, which was parked just down the street

Flatbush Avenue, near Avenue P (check out the old phone number)


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