01 October 2006

Rain Delay

Sunday 10/1, Run #58: Bath Beach & Bensonhurst

9.06 miles
Time: 1:10
Pace: 7:44
Temp: 63
Dewpoint: 58
Weather: mostly sunny

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Unique Miles Today:
Total Unique Miles:
Percent of Brooklyn Run:

Route: I began today at New Utrecht Avenue and 17th Avenue, headed southeast on New Utrecht to Bay 16th, then it was south to 85th, west back to 17th Avenue, south to 86th, east to Bay 16th north back to 85th, east to New Utrecht again, southeast to Bay 19th, south to Benson Avenue, east to Bay 20th, south to Bath Avenue, east to 19th Avenue then doubling back to Bay 19th, south to Cropsey, east to Bay 20th then doubling back to Bay 19th, south to Shore Road, west to Bay 8th, north to 86th, west a block to Bay 7th, south to Cropsey, west to 14th Avenue then doubling back and continuing down to Bay 19th again, north to Bath Avenue, west to 14th Avenue, north to Benson Avenue, east to 18th Avenue, south to Rutherford, west to 17th Avenue then doubling back to Bay 19th, then north to 86th, west to 16th Avenue, north to 76th, east to 17th Avenue, south to 84th, east to New Utrecht, southeast to 18th Avenue, north to 84th, west back to New Utrecht, northwest to 72nd, west to 15th Avenue, south to 76th, west to 14th Avenue, north to 74th, and east to 16th Avenue.

Notes: Okay, so the Hawks lost yesterday, and by a substantial margin (38-17). I guess that's why Ohio State is ranked first. Anyway, Iowa's still 4-1, and with a trip to Michigan the only really serious challenge, they might still be able to pull out a great season. Oh, and the NY City Opera's new production of Semele was fantastic -- the story was moved forward from ancient Greece to late 1950s-early 1960s Washington, DC, and with the philandering Jupiter recast as the US president, Juno as his Jackie-O type first lady, and Semele herself as a clone of Marilyn Monroe seeking immortality not among the gods, but on the pages of the celebrity magazines. It was very well done, quite clever, and often very funny. And the singing was great too. I might come around on the baroque opera stuff yet.

As for today's run, it was fine. The rain was coming down pretty good when I got up early this morning, so I went back to bed for a while, only to find it raining harder an hour later when I got back up. I was just about to call off the run and reschedule for tomorrow, but a quick peek at the weather radar seemed to indicate that the precipitation would be clearing out soon. And it looks like I timed it well, after all -- when I got on the G train here in Greenpoint it was raining, but 50 minutes later, I got off at the 79th Street stop on the D under mostly sunny skies. As you can guess by the subway journey, I went back south once again to fill in yet more gaps. And it looks like I can close the book on Bath Beach, which I think is the first neighborhood I've run in its entirety thus far. So see you later, Bath Beach, and thanks for the memories.

I need a nap, so let me post today's pictures and get on with it:

St. Finbar Church at Bay 20th and Benson Avenue

Electioneering on Cropsey Avenue

Bath Avenue

New Utrecht Avenue

Also on New Utrecht Avenue


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