02 November 2006

Finding the Friendly Firehouse of Flatlands

Thursday 11/2, Run #77: Marine Park & Flatlands

Distance: 10.65 miles
Time: 1:20
Pace: 7:31
Temp: 46
Dewpoint: 40
Weather: overcast

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Unique Miles Today: 7.71
Total Unique Miles: 606.13
Percent of Brooklyn Run: 34.79

For the complete route, click here

Notes: Another kind of average run today, mostly picking up a number of residential streets that I need to finish up Flatlands. There were a lot of repeated miles, too, though most of these were due to the fact that no subways run into this part of the borough and there are only so many routes to and from the nearest stations. It was raining when I got up (around 5:00), but it had mostly cleared out by the time I started running around 8:30 -- and, as these things happen, the sun peeked out as I walked the block home from the train.

Though today's run was nothing particularly special, I can't help but express a little surprise at the interest generated by a photo from yesterday's venture down to Dyker Heights. The fine local news blog Gothamist ran the picture of the Jesus and the twin towers statue (taken outside St. Ephrem's Church) at the end of the day yesterday, and it has, as of 11:45 this morning, resulted in the photo being viewed 274 times on my Flickr page. To put this in perspective, most of my pictures have been viewed between 3 and 15 times, and the previous high was 104 (for a shot of Loew's Kings Theater in Flatbush that Brownstoner ran a while back). I'm not sure whether the 274 hits in less than a day is a tribute to the popularity of Gothamist, the religiosity of New Yorkers, the inherent strangeness of the statute itself, or maybe some combination. Regardless, it's still kind of fun to have people take such an interest in one of my photos.

I'll be taking tomorrow off, coming back with a longish (~11 mile) run on Saturday that should hopefully wrap up Brighton Beach for me, and then I'll be taking Sunday off to watch the runners as they make their way right through Greenpoint and right by my building. I'll try to take some pictures. And, of course, speaking of pictures, here are today's:

friendly firehouse, flatlands
Firehouse on E. 48th Street

ave maria, flatlands
Mary Queen of Heaven School, E. 57th Street

house, flatlands
House on Avenue I

garage, flatlands
Garage on E. 52nd Street

wall, flatlands
Avenue O


At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

Can you tell me exactly where you will be on the Marathon Route. I would love to give you a HI FIVE


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Gary said...

I'll be watching on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, probably somewhere near that big clock.


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