05 December 2006

Another Cold One

Tuesday 12/5, Run #94: East New York

Distance: 10.05 miles
Time: 1:15
Pace: 7:28
Temp: 30
Wind Chill: 21
Weather: sunny & breezy

click on image for interactive map

Unique Miles Today: 7.96
Total Unique Miles: 734.84
Percent of Brooklyn Run: 42.14

For the complete route, click here

Notes: On this, a chilly but otherwise beautiful morning, I went back to the one of the bleaker corners of the borough. As I did a week ago, I headed out to the southeastern, industrial corner of East New York to start filling in the streets out there in earnest. Though I started and finished right by the Euclid Avenue stop on the A and C (a mostly residential area), I spent a good amount of time among the warehouses, small factories, recycling facilities, Sanitation Department garages, and schoolbus depots bewteen Linden Boulevard and Flatlands Avenue, or skirting the perimeters of the Louis Pink and Cypress Hills housing projects. I was a bit more comfortable than I was yesterday, however, since I actually wore my long running pants (they're on the thin side but still pretty warm) for the first time since I started back in June. I also felt a bit less conspicuous, too, which is not a bad thing since there were quite a few strange looks yesterday, when I was out there wearing just shorts and a long-sleeve tee.

Speaking of things weather-related, astute readers might have noticed a minor change in the information at the top of the page -- from now until springtime I've decided to provide the wind chill instead of the dewpoint. The latter, of course, is a terrific way of gauging how oppressive the air is in the warmer months, but doesn't really mean as much in the winter. And while I have my own problems with the overuse of wind chill numbers, they do give some idea of what it's like out there.

Anyway, picture opportunities were pretty limited today, mostly because for a good part of my run there wasn't really much to photograph except for brick walls and forklifts (though, like yesterday, numbness was a factor as well -- I've really got to get some gloves). Here are a few nontheless:

no dumping, east new york
Euclid Avenue

louis pink houses, east new york
Off of Autumn Avenue

apartments, east new york
North of Linden Boulevard

513, east new york
Just off Linden Boulevard

blocks, east new york
Shepherd Avenue


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