20 December 2006

One for the Road

Wednesday 12/20, Run #101: East New York

Distance: 10.19 miles
Time: 1:15
Pace: 7:22
Temp: 36
Wind Chill: 34
Weather: sunny

click on image for interactive map

Unique Miles Today: 7.38
Total Unique Miles: 790.26
Percent of Brooklyn Run: 45.36

For the complete route, click here

Notes: Though I'll be taking a much-needed Christmas break starting tomorrow, I thought I'd squeeze in one more run first. And while it was certainly nice enough to color in some new streets on the "big map," today's outing was probably more therapeutic than anything, a good way to sweat out some of the stress and anxiety that invariably accompanies holiday time (and, more to the point, holiday travel).

Continuing with my implementation of "Phase 2" (which, I can assure you, is less sinister than it sounds), I headed back out to the far southeastern corner of the borough, and have now completed all of East New York south of Linden Boulevard and east of Euclid Avenue. These parts include some of the more "irregular" portions from a street-layout perspective, but most of the rest of the neighborhood streets conform to a very tidy grid. This ought to make it a lot easier to get in more unique miles per run on my subsequent visits -- no small consideration since I'll be out there during the coldest times of the year (unless, of course, our abnormally warm weather trends continue throughout the winter).

The area itself -- bounded by the major east-west thoroughfare Linden Boulevard to the north and the Starrett City complex to the south -- is a place I've mostly been through before, a mix of light industry, some large public housing projects (the Linden and Boulevard houses), and a commercial district along Pennsylvania Avenue. Not much to report, really, as it was a more or less uneventful run on a pleasant (if more seasonably chilly) morning.

Starting tomorrow I'm taking a full ten days off from running. I'm sure I'll continue to post from time to time (and maybe drag some old pictures out of the vault), but I'm hoping the rest will do me good and leave me in great shape for starting off the new year. Until then, best holiday wishes to everyone (except, maybe, Bill O'Reilly).

In an area dominated by nondescript warehouses, factories, and featureless brick public housing towers there weren't that many things demanding to be photographed. Here's a few pictures I took anyway:

panama, east new york
A man, a plan, a haircut? (Hegeman Avenue)

boulevard homes, east new york
Boulevard Homes, between Stanley Avenue and Linden Boulevard

barron office, east new york
Representing the 42nd District (Pennsylvania Avenue)


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