06 January 2007

Another Day Off (and Another Record High)

I know, I know, it seems that since I've returned from California I've hardly run at all. It's not for a lack of desire, of course -- the halfway mark is tantalizingly close, and I'd really like to get there soon -- but the truth is that I've been feeling a little run-down of late and don't want to overdo things. (Doesn't much sound like me, does it?). Seriously, though, I haven't had so much as a cold in almost two years, and I certainly don't want to get sick now. Thus another day of taking it easy and working on the dissertation (an activity that I devoted some twelve hours to yesterday, believe it or not). I am, however, planning on hitting the road tomorrow, though I'll probably "cheat" a little and stay close to home instead of taking the subway to distant points. I'm getting really tired of spending so much time on the train, if you want to know the truth.

Besides -- and this is a very weird thing to write on January 6th -- it's too warm out there. I'm not kidding. As of 11:00 this morning it was 69 degrees, with a dewpoint of 61 (and a forecast high of 72). If I was to run right now I'd be drenched in sweat within 20 minutes, and frankly, that prospect isn't all that appealing at the present time. Tomorrow's high is forecast to be a more moderate (though still 12-degrees above normal) 51, meaning it'll be in the 40s in the morning -- pretty close to perfect for running.

Here's a bonus picture from the vaults:

pope, borough park
Habemus papam! (58th Street in Borough Park)


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