12 January 2007

Getting Closer...

Friday 1/12, Run #108: Fort Greene & Clinton Hill

Distance: 8.50 miles
Time: 1:05
Pace: 7:39
Temp: 41
Wind Chill: 33
Weather: cloudy & windy

click on image for interactive map

Unique Miles Today: 8.36Total Unique Miles: 839.83
Percent of Brooklyn Run: 48.20

For the complete route, click here

Notes: Yesterday I pondered the reasons why I've recently been ignoring my elaborate running plans and neglecting the careful strategizing I've done, but today I can say with some authority that I have an answer. I think it's pretty obvious, too -- I just want to get to the halfway point and take a break. While I still enjoy the actual running itself, I am kind of burned out, and have grown especially weary (as I may have mentioned already once or twice) all the non-running aspects like the planning and the subway rides and everything. And so (since I returned from California, at least), I've found myself devising routes that are simple, relatively close to home, and very efficient in terms of the unique miles. I'll probably regret this during the second half when I'll eventually have to do the runs (and planning and subway-riding) I'm now avoiding , but I don't think I care too much right about now. I just want to be done with the first half.

To that end, I ran in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene today. It was indeed a route that took maybe five minutes to plan and map out, had only a little over a tenth of a mile that wasn't unique, and both started and ended right at subway stops on the G, so travel time wasn't more than ten or fifteen minutes each way. Perfect! Moreover, these are two neighborhoods I've barely run in thus far, and it was great seeing some stretches of town that were new to me. I'll write all about these places, too -- next time I visit them. For the rest of today (and tomorrow) I hope to get some of my other writing done, but I'll be out on the road again on Sunday (weather permitting, of course).

As always, I tried to take a few pictures:

house inc., fort greene
Adelphi Street

building, clinton hill
Building on the St. Joseph's campus (Clinton Ave)

buiding and trees, fort greene
Carlton Ave

church, fort greene
Also on Carlton Ave

striped wall, fort greene
And one more from Carlton Ave


At 8:14 PM, Blogger M said...

I love your site. The photos are awesome. I'm glad I discovered something to help ease my longing for New York a little bit. Who said living vicariously is a bad thing?

I found you through Walking Berkeley, and I have put up a link/post (at BayAreaLoveLetters.blogspot.com) about your two blogs on my site. Can't wait to look through your archives and future posts over time ...

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to walk by the back of that church every day. I no longer live on Carlton Ave, but I'm glad others love that open lot as much as I did. Hope it stays!


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