28 April 2007

Spring Cleaning

Not much new to report of late. Mostly I've been plugging away at the writing, while still waiting for the legs to get back to 100%. I feel like I'm getting pretty close, but plenty of folks I know (and even a few I don't) have reminded me not to jump back into anything until I'm sure I'm completely healed up. Sound advice, of course, but it doesn't make me any less impatient. The only other news is that I received a fellowship for the next academic year, which will allow me to continue writing (and hopefully, to finish up) without having to worry too much about money, at least between September and May. Alas, I'll still need to look for some part-time work over the summer to carry me through until the funds kick in. If anyone knows of something that'd be suitable (after all, who doesn't need a part-time historian around the house?) be sure to let me know.

Anyway, over the last week I sifted through the dregs at the very bottom of the Runs Brooklyn photo barrel, and turned up what will probably be the final installment of pictures I've taken so far. I've posted about 30 new images on my flickr page, but I've also included a few below. It turns out that there's an interesting story behind the first one (which was actually taken on the Queens side of the Brooklyn/Queens boundary). Read all about it here.

leatherworks by rufus
78th Street between East New York and Lindenwood

livonia & hinsdale, east new york
Livonia Avenue, East New York

purple door, flatbush
Nostrand Avenue, Midwood

marine parkway bridge
Marine Parkway Bridge

storefronts, sunset park
5th Avenue, Sunset Park

senator street, bay ridge
Senator Street & 5th Avenue, Bay Ridge

generator motor room, bay ridge
Also in Bay Ridge, though I'm not sure where